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Scholar Manager is a simple extension for Google Chrome developed especially for academics and students who need to organize all their sources and references for bibliographies required for various projects.

This extension will help you keep all your research, bibliographies, citations, and articles organized in a pretty convenient way. This way, you'll always have your references in perfect order so you can access them without wasting any time.

This extension integrates with Google Scholar. Basically, it adds a button to the search bar that lets you view the article and save it directly. You can also create unlimited groups for your research and even move elements from one group to another, making sure that each article or file is located in the appropriate place. You can even search each document list to find whatever you need.

Besides all that, Scholar Manager also keeps track of all the articles you choose to save. That way, you won't waste time if you run into the same information again since the extension will remind you that you've already read that document. It also lets you export any of your research as a text document and even share it with your peers.

Scholar Manager only works as a complement for Google Scholar.

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